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Oderich Oderich @Kapjela

Špitza #EBMDay I used Shazam to discover Waiting For The Storm (Leaether Strip Remix) by Decoded Feedback. https://t.co/w9n8I7ajCJ

2 timmar ago
flavia flavia @viatenebrosa

Today is #EBMDay and #TwinPeaksDay (well, no here anymore because I am in the future and is now 2:00 AM, but still); what an awesome day

2 timmar ago
Christian Acosta Christian Acosta @AcostaMzk

El lider de los pioneros del #metalindustrial DIE KRUPPS, Jürgen Engler anuncia su nuevo proyecto DIE ROBO SAPIENS.… https://t.co/CqHdSIljDI

3 timmar ago
Oderich Oderich @Kapjela

#EBMDay <3 I used Shazam to discover The Calling (Mk II) by Death In June. https://t.co/ESJyCeBZsZ

4 timmar ago
Remy Brecht Remy Brecht @RemyBrecht

The newest addition to the studio arrived just in time for 24.2 aka #EBMday. I’ve always wanted an SH-101, but… https://t.co/daVhVgOyNX

4 timmar ago
DJ Evil Dave DJ Evil Dave @darkcornercast

Celebrate #EBMDay 2018 with the Dark Corner Podcast. Ten choice tracks presented by yours truly #EBM #DarkElectrohttps://t.co/xRBBBf3H0i

4 timmar ago
††† Aldo James ††† ††† Aldo James ††† @CristianoMuerto

Yo no sabía que existía un día internacional al mejor genero musical #EBM que bueno que se destejen cosas important… https://t.co/6oEXsqeaKR

5 timmar ago

Gilt das noch für den #EBMDay? Egal, das ist einfach super.

No more – Suicide Commando


6 timmar ago
Natural Born Coder Natural Born Coder @port80guru

@littlewisehen Und Musik aus #Belgien feiert heute seinen internationalen #EBMDay und auch bestimmt im Tal der Ahn… https://t.co/Ptj1YwDamn

9 timmar ago