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鉄屑 鉄屑 @f_u_g_i29


7 månader ago
Synapsyche Synapsyche @Synapsyche

Yesterday was #EBMDAY but we didn’t feel like celebrating.
Anyway, our label @alfamatrix gives you a special discou… https://t.co/3Pw3Qk2sG7

7 månader ago

Hoy es el día internacional del EBM #EBMday? Sabes que voy a escuchar todo el día no?

7 månader ago
Izzy Pop Izzy Pop @izzypoplive


The sun went down and the ground started a sort of grinding
A blinding light tore across the sky
A cyclon… https://t.co/SeE3wtyEGd

7 månader ago
Jason Joachim Jason Joachim @jjoachim777

Happy 242 Day!

I decided to pick 3 Front 242 albums and 1 EP for my listening pleasure.

Front By Front • My first… https://t.co/0L4aOYIRdd

7 månader ago
Klayton Calix Klayton Calix @KlaytonCalix

Today is International #EBMDay, so put on your stomping boots, crank up your favorite EBM play list & stomp on!

A… https://t.co/Sd6zB6ncgW

7 månader ago
Christian Acosta Christian Acosta @AcostaMzk

Hoy, 24 de febrero se celebra el @EBM_day

Desde que FRONT 242 comenzó en 1981, el número 242 ha ocupado un lugar… https://t.co/Gt9kDDmXvP

7 månader ago